Origins of the World of Wyrd

Oct. 4, 2016

In many ways, the World of Wyrd was born more than three decades ago, as I studied a map created by a friend of mine, for a roleplaying setting. The world has continued to evolve (albeit slowly) as I have read and considered various sources over the years. I am still working on this world, and shall likely be opening up this blog to solicit ideas from friends.

Now after sitting and thinking on it for a while, I have recognized that there are several sources which have informed my desire to create this World of Wyrd. The first of which was The House of Scorpio by Pat Wallace, back in 1975; a wonderful fantasy/romance novel set on a world where the twelve signs of the Zodiac determined peoples appearance, temperment and lifestyles. I found it enjoyable that somebody had gone to this level of research to create character, but more then that, the world that they inhabited. Unfortunately the book is now out of print, and cannot be had for love or money (well not less than $87.94 at least)

My second inspiration was actually the early world of Marion Zimmer Bradley, and her Darkover series, dating from 1958, which introduced a culture with all of the tropes of medieval Europe alongside a form of magical technology. It turned out that Darkover was a lost Terran colony with some interbreeding with local life-forms granting them a magical technology. There were also non-human races and an encounter with technologically advanced Terrans, who could not comprehend the magic of Darkover, nor why it appeared restricted to the noble lineages of the world.

And then there was Christopher Stasheff's The Warlock in Spite of Himself which wound up being as much an epic setting exploring the tropes of medieval magic interacting with futuristic technologies.

So the truth is that I've had lots of cross-pollination that is informing the Wyrd World, and I'm hopeful that everyone is going to find it intriguing enough to help me iron out some of the kinks that I might have. So for now, ciao.