So this is where I begin laying out some of the ground rules for Wyrd.

First of all, magic is common, or at least as common as technological marvels are in our world. The learned class (whom we might as well call sorcerers) have spent lifetimes learning how to summon and harness the primal energies of Wyrd, and have discovered that the working of magic is primarily a feat of mathematics and symbolic logic, combined with the recognition that all things have signatures or True Names. Over time these masters have created a series of symbols depicting each of thes signatures, with which they have been able to create sigils that allow any person to produce magical effects, whether they have been trained in magic, or not.

In this way, the Sorcerers are much like software engineers of today, spending time working out the intricate logic by which the signatures interact, and tweaking them to produce exactly the final effect that they desire. However unlike software engineers, whenever a magical working fails the outcome is not only other than was expected, it can be disasterous. This means that sorcerers are much more conservative and tend to rely on tried-and-true methodologies in their pursuits.

It is also the case that learning the signatures and the symbolic logic by which they can be manipulated takes a great deal of time, as does pursuing the mastery of incantations and sigils. Historically sorcerers have sought ways by which they might extend their life-spans and improve their memories which is responsible for the development of the elixer vitae which would arrest a sorcerer's aging process, and thereby extend that worthy's life. Unfortunately no two persons are alike, and as a result the elixer crafted for one sorcerer turned out not to work upon another and could in fact prove deadly to one other than it was crafted for. On top of this, it appeared that in order for the elixer to prolong life, it must draw on the energies that produce life, rendering each sorcerer who used the elixer impotent from that moment on.

Faced with the requirement of long years spent developing a life-prolonging elixer, and the loss of virility/fertility mandated by its use, powerful sorcerers sought other methods by which to achieve the desired proficiency in magic. It was this research, and the results that led to the Wyrd Wars as sorcerers actively recruited from the mundane populations, and bred monsters that the wars unleashed upon the world.